Nature & Parks


Chandpur is a village that lies around 10 km from Deogarh which is popularly known for the archaeological discoveries in this region of Chandel and Jain origin. In fact, this village consist of extensive archaeological remains, scattered especially in the east and north-west parts which includes five groups’ temple ruins of Jain origin and several pieces of statues that are excellent example of unique artwork. A little away is the second group of the temple which includes mainly Vishnu temples and other temple ruins includes Sahastralag temple built in 1882. Another group of temples is in almost complete ruins, known as Varaah temple. Thus, Chandpur serves as an excellent tourist place especially for tourists who possess love for archaeologically discovered and heritage sites.


Madanpur is a village that lies 75 km from Lalitpur which is named after its founder Chandela ruler, Madan Verma. This village consist of various ruins of Vishnu, Shiva and Jain temples in addition to several Chandela period structures. In a Jain temple a stone inscription mentions the year Samvat 1206 and also the name of the village. In front of these ruins there is a huge lake, banked by red stones, believed to be made in the Chandel period. Apparently, being situated on the narrowest stretch of the Vindhya mountain range it has aesthetical places along with heritage places which make it a good tourist place.

Pandav Forest

Pandav forests are the forests existing in the Patan valley which is situated 1.5 km from Madanpur which lies 75 km from Lalitpur. The speciality of this area is that there used to be natural caves in this area where ancient sages and saints lived, but now these caves serve as hideouts for wild animals. In fact, legend suggests that Pandavas of the Mahabharata era had spent their exile in this region. Moreover, amazing piece of cave painting can be seen on the walls and ceilings of the caves which make this place an interesting tourist spot.