अमृत रिफॉर्म 2017-18

AMRUT Reforms Scoring Milestones for F.Y. 2018-19 (with backlog of F.Y. 2017-18)
S.N. Reforms Milestones Max. Score Documentry Evidence Annexer
1 E-Governance 1 Personnel Staff Management (ULB Level) 1- Online Notification of Recruitment ruls for all Muncipal Cadres 1 Snapshot of online notified recruitment rules and URL/weblink http://localbodies.up.nic.in/rules.html Annexer 1.1.1
2- Online Up-to-date service records/Staff details and seniority list of last two years
(2015-16 & 2016-17)
1.5 Snapshot of online up to date service records reforms performance appraisal seniority list Annexer 1.1.2(a)
Annexer 1.1.2(b)
3- Online Biometric Attendance System 1.5 Proof of bio metric attendance system snapshots Annexer 1.1.3(a)
Annexer 1.1.3(b)
4- Online Payment of Salaries & wages 2 Proof of opnline payment to empolyes snapshots Annexer 1.1.4(a)
Annexer 1.1.4(b)
5- Online Employee's Grievance redressal system. 2 Screen shot of or URL of grivance system and suo motu system Annexer 1.1.5(a)
Annexer 1.1.5(b)
6- Sou-motu disclosure under RTI Act on website. 2

Annexer 1.1.6

Annexer 1.1.6(a)
Annexer 1.1.6(b)

Total 10
2 Project Manegement (ULB Level) 1- Online PMIS : Financial Progress 2 Project management system either at state or ULB Level
2-Screenshot of website showing capability and axample of online NIT,
Online tender Document, Online Payments And Online tender submission with URL
3- Screen shot of MIS showing physical and financial progrees for year 2017-18 in state with URL
4- Document/digital proof of geotagging of assets at state & ULB level
5- ScreenShot for online Payments to consultant/contractor/vendor
Annexre 1.2.1(a)
Annexre 1.2.1(b)
Annexre 1.2.2(a)
Annexre 1.2.2(a)
2- Online PMIS : Physical Progress 2
3- Online issue of NIT and Providing tender documents online 1 Annexre 1.2.3(a)
Annexre 1.2.3(b)
Annexre 1.2.3(c)
4- Online submission of tender including online payment of EMD 2 Annexre 1.2.4
5- Online payments to consultants/ contractor / vendors 2 Annexre 1.2.5
6- Geo-tagging of assets created (on mAMRUT App) 1 Annexre 1.2.6
Total 10
2 Municipal Cadre 1 Policy for right sizing the number of Municipal Functionaries by States 10 copy of notifacation/government order/ cabinet approval of state/UT Policy Annexre 2.1
3 Double Entry
Accounting System (DEAS) ULB Level)
1 Implementation of accrual based Double Entry Accounting System 10 Website are not opend Annexre 3.1
2 Publication of Audited Balance-Sheet /Annual Financial Statements on ULB Website (Year 2015-16, 2016-17, & 2017-18) Attached Annexre 3.2(a)
Annexre 3.2(b)
Annexre 3.2(c)
4 Urban Planing 1 Establish Urban Development Authority 10 Copy of draft/ govt Notification for Estabilishment of Urban Developmant authorities Annexre 4.1
2 Develop at least one children Park every Year in AMRUT Cities (Year 2015-16, 2016-17, & 2017-18) (ULB Level) - Development/ Construction & Value addition in a park with children's facilities 10 1- copy of work order completion certificate of children park developmant during last three years
2- Picture duly certified by ulb with location of developed parks
Annexre 4.2(a)
Annexre 4.2(b)
Annexre 4.2(c)
5 Swatchh Bharat Mission (S.B.M.) 1- Elimination of Open Defecation (O.D.F.) Elimination of Open Defecation (O.D.F.) State Sanitation Policy 5 1-Certificate for nos of ulbs declared ODF
2- Declaration/Certificate by Executive Officer of ULB for percentage of complaints
resolutition on swachhta app by ulb
Annexre 5.1
Elimination of Open Defecation (O.D.F.) Percentage of Certified ODF ULBs 5
Total 10
2- Waste Collection (Door to Door Collection ) (ULB Level) 1- Percentage of wards with 100% door to door Waste Collections 4 Declaration /certificate by Executive officer of ULB on Numbers
of Ward Under Door to Door Collection
Annexre 5.2.1
2- Percentage of Complaints resolution on Swachhatta App by ULB. 3 2- Declaration/Certificate by Executive Officer of ULB for percentage
of complaints resolutition on swachhta app by ulb
Annexre 5.2.2
3- Percentage of Wards practicing 100% source segregation 3 Declaration /certificate by Executive officer of ULB on Numbers
of Ward Under segregation at source
Annexre 5.2.3
Total 10
3 Transportation of Waste (100%) Percentage of collected waste being transported for scientific disposal
(scientific land fill or processing)
10 Percentage of collected waste is not being transported for scientific disposal Annexre 5.3
4 Scientific Disposal 100% (Composting RDF, Waste to Energy etc) Percentage of waste being processed scientifically. 10 Percentage of collected waste is not being processed scientifically. Annexre 5.4
Total 100